Our Companionship Service can help you or someone you care about to maintain interests or social activities both in and away from the home. It can also be used to assist people to access services within their commuity that they may otherwise find difficult to do.

Our Companionship Service may include:

 ~ Accompany to appointments or social engagements eg. hairdresser, doctor,

    dentist, social groups, cinema, theatre etc.

 ~ Company for a walk or other outdoor activety.

 ~ Reading books / newspapers out loud.

 ~ Accompany to lunch or dinner.

 ~ Planning and Accompany on outings or trips.

 ~ Visiting Neighbours or Friends.

 ~ Assist with entertaining.

 ~ Participate in hobbies or interests.

 ~ Basic Correspondance and Letter Writing

 ~ Simple Companionship and Conversation.

If something you require isn't listed, please contact us.

Our service provision is designed around you and what is important to you. The choice is always yours.

Please contact enhance for further information on any of our services.